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Friday, January 13, 2006

Happy Friday the 13th!

And what a Friday the 13th it is! Despite all the rumors and history, I just can't hate a friday that comes before a Three-day weekend!

So Happy MLK Jr. day, I hope you all make the most of it. (perhaps by sleeping in and having a dream)

And for those of you who don't have Monday off... well, I hate my job enough to not feel bad about it!

Before I go, there is something I wanted to bring to your attention. As I often find myself with a bit of spare time and in front of a computer, I frequently visit this
site and enjoy it very much. Jay does a great job of updating games, typically daily, and he usually has very good taste. It gives me something to do while the girlfriend is getting ready.

A couple of my favorites are
Chasm and Grow. There are actually four versions of Grow, (Grow, Grow Cube, Grow RPG and a new Christmas Grow) with Grow Cube being my favorite, but you should check them all out.

Happy Holiday! (did you see what I did there, I took Martin Luther King right out of that holiday!)

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